Evolution of a Sculptural Vessel – The End

I finished the sculptural vessel on the sixth day without bothering to tackle the tight twisted areas.

I only added a row or two more and decided it was time to finish off the vessel.  All in all….I really ended up liking the completed project. Were there things I wish I had done differently?  You bet.  But, I am always way too critical of my own works.  I see all the imperfections (in my mind) and wish I could go back with some “do overs”.  But….this is the journey…..and this is how I learn from project to project.  Will I make the same “mistakes” on the next one?  Or will I take what I learned while making this vessel and try to improve on the next?  To me….this is what creativity is all about.  The more we do…..the more we challenge ourselves….the better we get.  Or at least I hope that is the case.

I hope you’ve enjoyed “being inside my mind” as this vessel came to be.


Elongated Rainbow

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