Prior to 2011

The gallery below highlights some of my earlier works in the years 2005 – 2010.  My first baskets were created in the traditional way using raffia as the binding medium.  In the early years, I worked exclusively with raffia as I had not yet discovered waxed threads and sinews.  Raffia is a more difficult binder to work with since it breaks and you must work with shorter lengths.  As a result, the baskets took much longer to complete.  And, since I was still working at the time, I didn’t complete many baskets.

After discovering sinews and waxed threads, I felt like a whole new world opened up to me.  It was delightful….and oh, the colors you could find in the waxed threads.  I love the look of the traditional raffia baskets….but I cherish the ease of threads!  

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