I’ve recorded a number of video tutorials that are on YouTube.  I’ve included links to them below.  If you subscribe to my YouTube channel you’ll be advised when I upload more videos.   In some of the videos, I may mention uploading files with templates and other information.  These files are included below and  have also been uploaded to the Facebook group, The Art of Pine Needle Basketry.  To join this group, please click this link.  

In addition to the coiling tutorials, you’ll also be entertained by videos of my two assistants, Marley and Olivia.

Variations of the simple stitch.

V stitch and Fern stitch

Diamond stitch

Diamond stitch transition to next row

Ti stitch – including how to keep tension on your threads and keeping your coils tight

Fagot stitch – a filler stitch used in open area

Adding thread without knots – how to add a new thread without using knots.

Inserting beads into windows – or between coils

Tenerife centers – part 1 – the double buttonhole cast on

Tenerife centers – part 2 – spokes and weaving

Tenerife and hole guides – Guide for making Tenerife spokes or holes in round centers

Clearing up some confusion on terminology – what is the front or back of your work?

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  1. i love your web site. but how can i download the spokes patterns, i’m not on facebook or other sites.

  2. Thank you for the valuable info on the gathering of pine needles, & the glycerin treatment,

  3. Thank you for taking the time to record the videos and post them. It is nice to have them available when I am trying to do something new!

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